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There are a few considerations that went into why I selected the Nest Cam (9) for my smart apartment that I’ll go over below. With Go Control’s window and door sensors already installed, I wasn’t looking for a bigger security kit.

One thing to keep in mind is finding a camera that will work with sensors if you decide to expand later.

With soaring housing price around metropolitan and big cities, buying houses in the city is increasingly stressful, especially for young people like fresh graduates.

Each week, we’ll tackle a different category and look at various products, then explain how we made our selections. But I do like spying on my cat when I’m out of town, and appreciate the extra bit of security that cameras provide.

At the end of the series, we’ll examine the smart apartment as an ecosystem, and how all these devices — or do not — work together. They’re also an easy way to start wading into the smart-home universe.

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