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First, the company deploys its own mapping vehicles equipped with high-definition lidar sensors and spherical cameras.

The second prong is the clever part: Carmera is partnering with national fleets of commercial vehicles to deploy its sensors on those vehicles as well.

Real Sim have modelled several 10’s of square kilometres of spatially accurate detailed photo-textured 3D city models.

Carmera’s strategy for gathering this data is two pronged.

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As an Adelaide City Libraries member you have access to a range of Virtual Library resources.

Technology: Industry, Li DAR, Related & New Technologies, Software Industries: Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC), Process Power & Utilities, Surveying & Mapping, Transportation & Infrastructure NYC-based startup Carmera is primarily focused on the autonomous vehicle market, but its clever new business model is set to have big effects on the wider commercial 3D tech market.

The company promises to “do for roads what googlebot did for the web” by providing regularly updated, accurate, indexed 3D data for autonomous vehicles, but also architects, city planners, construction companies, and really any “other built environment planners” you can name.

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Back to top A visual impact study is a key element of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) for planning applications.

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