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A decade and a half later, the Taliban is back in force.

It commands large parts of the countryside, and threatens major urban areas.

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Well, proving you wrong is the central government that told the Supreme Court on April 24 that, now, cows too will have a unique identification card similar to the Aadhaar card, so that they officials could keep a better tab on the animal’s movement and to prohibit smuggling across states and countries. They r also part of Bollywood scene to Show innocence of Gaon ki Chori Nv Bnn — Yes Iam (@Iam KM16) April 25, 2017 ALSO READ | Centre wants UID for all cows with details of horn, tail, breed, age From coming up with interesting names like Cowdhaar, Gaudhaar to Udder card, Twitterati went to town after the news broke on social media.

They fall under categories like, sexually-abused victims, those who are going through family problems (like separation / constant fighting / divorce), immigrants / minorities, and those with disabilities / mental instability.

Without supervision - sexual screenings, violent acts (gore movies / rape / murder / suicide / questionable video games), profanity and the likes can bring on a hostile nature, with a violent streak.

It creates images that are superficial, as the ultimate goal to find lasting satisfaction.

This often leads to health problems like bulimia/anorexia.

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The rest of the district is almost entirely dominated by the Taliban. The Islamic State initially collaborated with sections of the Taliban, but then broke with it.

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