Intimidating cambodian delicacy

But seeing as it's the time of year when grossing people out gets semi-official sanctioning from a semi-official holiday, now is the moment to consider foods that push the envelope of edibility.We're not talking about haunted-house, peeled-grapes-as-eyeballs gross.After what seems like forever, I finally got that dream stamp on my passport.I thought to myself, I could now post on Facebook that I was flying to Cambodia.You've heard variations on this spiel: Try everything once because (this part gets repeated in your most motherly tone) if you don't try it, you won't know if you like it.Those principles are fine for Brussels sprouts and sweetbreads.

As such the trip will include several significant CAS / IB service–learning projects and activities to assist impoverished Cambodian communities.(Also note “Fear Factor” has a certain reticence about cooking techniques; even the biggest fan of cow intestine is going to retch if it's being served boiled and plain.) The seven items we've chosen for our stomach-churning buffet are all legitimate foods somewhere in the world. But the line has to be drawn somewhere, and arachnids seem to be a good place to draw it. Like many of us, I had been watching the refugee crisis unfold and felt impotent to help as a flow of human traffic continued to engulf Greece, the crisis-stricken country of my childhood.Nor, for that matter, is it fair to traffic in items found on shows like “Fear Factor.” It's not that we doubt horse rectum is digestible.It's that we doubt anyone would actually eat it outside the confines of reality TV. Entomologists might disagree, but the practice of eating insects doesn't seem nearly so bad as it sounds at first.

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