Lonely vets and farmed dating

She wants a reason to get dressed up more often and to find someone to have a laugh with, as well as share the good times and bad.

Dairy farmer Peter loves to dance and even knows how to waltz. He'd love to meet somebody for going out dancing and for strolls through the fields on his farm on a Sunday afternoons.

The practice has relocated since Herriot's day to an industrial estate on the outskirts of Thirsk and Julian Norton, one of the vets now running it, has just examined 25 domestic pets in a two-hour morning surgery.

For many vets, this is the daily reality: a stressful, often solitary, grind, up against the clock.

It might have been luck that saved Martell during a patrol in Baquba, Iraq, a lush, rural insurgent paradise nestled in a river valley 40 miles northeast of Baghdad.

One feels a significant qualitative lack of deep emotional bonds with others and/or a lack of meaningful social connections in one’s daily life.

Indeed, one can be married or seemingly have many friends and acquaintances yet still feel disconnected from them (read Are You Married but Lonely here).

The researchers in the current study found that upon returning home, the core of isolation experienced by the combat veterans and ex-POWs was qualitatively different than that experienced by people who had not been through severe ongoing trauma.

Herriot (or Alf Wight, to give the vet-turned-writer his real name) would have made the trip in his Austin Seven and been home for his lunch, as was his habit.

Mr Norton will need every extra minute his Subaru can buy him.

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