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Does this only happen with Blizzard and Steam software or does it happen with all software you use?

Now turn on Ask to connect mode again and see if it solves the problem.

I've tried searching through most of the other posts on here about getting Wo W to work, but most people say they can execute the and have no problems loading the launcher.

I also tried looking for the game in the Play on Linux database but it doesn't appear to exist anymore.

i can log in online in a browser but it wont let me log into war of War of warcraft!

This means it won’t completely eliminate the update bugs.Which has nothing to do with proxies, which threw me off. Having issues with the battelnet app it will not log me in now it was fine this morning and then now it wont upload.i uninstalled it turned all my protections off and firewall run as administrater nothing works!!!! Heavy Soldier, It sounds like something is preventing the launcher from installing the game files. Disabling or temporarily uninstalling firewall and anti-virus programs (Norton, Mc Afee, etc) can permit the launcher to run successfully.The launcher requires secondary logon service to be enabled in order for it to run properly.______________________________Monday - Friday, 7am - 4pm Pacific Time Rate me? I've spent 4 hours browsing the battle net forums and every single possible solution recommended by forum moderators/support agents hasn't worked.

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As it happens with any software, the app stops working from time to time due to various issues.

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